Every day is education day!


With a passion for education and a vision of helping youth of diverse cultural and socioeconomic background to get equipped for life after high school, DeAndre’ Nixon created iN Education, Inc. as a 501c (3) nonprofit in September of 2007. Born and raised in Akron, Nixon realized there is an opportunity to serve the students of Northeast Ohio corridor who will benefit from programming that will prepare and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college or the workforce.

With sheer determination to make a difference, DeAndre’ knew in his heart that he wanted to offer programs that can benefit students in various ways. He knew that by instilling his passion for learning through compassion, challenge, mentorship and hands on training iN Education can open their eyes to new ideas and expand upon their existing knowledge. As an educator with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, DeAndre gathered like-minded compassionate members and volunteers who continue supporting iN Education’s overall vision and mission throughout the years.

Engage, motivate and stimulate.


Education is the foundation of a generation’s ability to survive and thrive in the future. Each generation faces new challenges and our education system must continually engage, motivate and stimulate our students in being properly prepared to meet those challenges. The next generation of aspiring leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs will be leading a far more complicated diverse people who are well-informed yet unprepared. It’s imperative to influence and shape newer generations for a better future.

Teach and inspire.


iN Education’s mission is to teach our youth the transferable skills necessary for success in the workforce; provide the necessary guidance and resources to achieve higher levels of education, emphasizing the importance of continuing education; and highlight the connection between education and individual creativity. We achieve this by offering career-awareness/training programs and art-focused activities and events, along with our original e-publications on educational topics.

Enrich and empower.


We made it our top mission to offer equal opportunities for education, employment and positive art and culture expression to all the diverse communities we passionately serve, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, religious beliefs, marital status, age disability or military status. iN Education’s model is “Every Day is Education Day!” We strive to enrich and empower everyone we serve with our educational and art programming and services designed to reflect the true beauty of education.