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Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

History repeats itself, or does it? We are living in this great melting pot which encompasses many educational flavors collected from around the world and throughout many centuries. Our “modern” collection of knowledge was adopted from the ancient civilizations who lived thousands of years before us. Education systems tend to fulfill the economic needs of a country and society within the present era. After looking deeper into this magazine’s theme of ancient education, one may find that some standards may have not changed over time as we have originally thought.

Our goal is to show you, our reader, that ancient knowledge is needed and utilized by modern societies. Think of it like a legacy being passed from generation to generation. Each generation extracts the “valuable” parts of the legacy and adds new, enriching elements for generations to come.

We will uncover the fascinating changes made throughout different education systems and their standards over time. We are excited to share with you a sneak-peek into “Ancient Greek Education” and explore the “Similarities of Ancient and Modern Education Systems.”   We will also look at New Zealand as part of our “Education Around the World – Series” section. 

Throughout this issue, we will introduce only a fraction of ideas to think about. We want you to open your minds and recognize the similarities, as opposed to the differences, that connect us; despite when or where we live. If society is responsible to serve, education systems are put in place to teach societies how to serve and sustain. It’s timeless!

We hope that you will enjoy the read, keep an open mind, and think critically about everything that you are exposed to. Read on!


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