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Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

Great education systems fuel great countries. Imagine for a moment how things would be if the United States of America were lacking an education system with set standards. Now, reflect on the images that came to mind or flashed in front of your eyes. Systems are complex in nature. All parts and pieces need constant maintenance and care so that any issues are addressed, and global trends are kept up with. Systems are not perfect by any means; depending on where you research, the US elementary and secondary level education system is ranked 28 and sometimes 25 globally. There are many elements or layers involved that intertwine, and these together ultimately create our US education system. The US education system had its start in 1635 at the Boston Latin School in Massachusetts, which makes it fairly young compared to other traditional systems around the globe. 

Our aim is to explore the variety of options students and their parents have in the 21st century. Choosing to enter into education’s sub-systems (public, private, and home schooling) may not seem complicated; however, for some, it is. It is rather a very important decision. One needs to consider various parts of the overall equation such as location, school rankings, affordability… and the list goes on.

In this issue, we chose to step back and look at some of the topics from a global angle. We are excited to share with you a perspective on “The American Education System on the World Stage” as well as to explore the “Non-traditional Subjects Taught at School” in the Education Around the World series. Join us for “The Free School Lunch Debate” with Erica, and dive into an inspirational featured story about aspiring visual artist Lyndsey Stephens, winner of the Visual Art category of the 2019 Battle of the Teal 4EDU program.

Throughout this issue, we will introduce you to only a fraction of ideas to think about. We hope that you will enjoy the read, keep an open mind, and think critically about the inner workings of the US education system as a whole. Read on!


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