Welcome to Zealousness, your favorite quarterly published e-magazine covering anything and everything education! True to its name, Zealousness has been enthusiastically promoting dynamic and internationally-minded educational information resources to students, caregivers, and educators since its inception in 2014. Each issue originates from a diverse team of volunteer writers and editors who investigate thoughtful opinion pieces and present readers with informative academic advice derived from a trending educational theme.  With four e-publications each year, each featuring up to 15 articles; our team of writers, editors, and graphic designers are committed to ensure the quality of each publication and keep readers up-to-date on the latest news happening in education around the globe.

With Zealousness, our goal is to maximize cooperation amongst students, parents, and educators locally and nationwide. We strive to build strong relationships with schools, colleges, and other education-focused organizations by providing our services to communities at large.

Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

In order to keep up with an ever-changing world and the advancement of humans, the bar in our most coveted school system must rise. Standards must be reached for the sake of achieving the bigger picture. Education touches us and gives us all a reason to do something with our life. It gives us a way to contribute our natural born talents while also contributing to the economy. This is due to the influence of our teachers and the learning styles our great educational institutions have implemented. So, what are the latest trends or methods they are using to reach us?

Throughout this issue, you will find articles that are uncovering topics such as the quality of online education programs around the world, empathy, and the role of colors in education. In our “Education Around the World – Series,” we will investigate the Australian education system.

We will introduce only a fraction of topics to think about in this issue. We want you to keep an open mind and explore the many learning trends available to us, no matter which side of the spectrum you are on.

We hope you will enjoy the articles and find pieces of information that will help you achieve your personal learning goals. Read on!



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