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Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has crippled industries and the economy in recent months (both globally and nationwide) along with the mandatory stay-at-home orders, closing of educational institutions and implementation of social distancing policies, arts education and workforce development were negatively affected.

Yet it was a variety of art forms that provided much-needed entertainment and frequent updates during these pressing times. Almost instantaneously, the world around became accustomed to a new norm which saw a rise in virtual concerts, at-home art activities, and even social distancing street parties. The new “normal” was captured by the many vloggers, social media stars, photographers and videographers, who all sought to convey just what daily life had become–each in their own unique way.

To our Zealousness team and family, our publication has served as a means to keep in touch with our readers. Throughout this issue, you will find articles which uncover an array of topics pertaining to arts education, career opportunities and workforce development across creative industries, as our “Education Around the World” series explores the Canadian education system and the institutional autonomy it offers.

In this issue, we present several engaging ideas. As always, we encourage an open mind as you explore the many art-related education and career opportunities available, no matter what your interests are. We hope you will enjoy the articles and find those pearls of wisdom that will help you achieve your personal learning goals.

Read on!


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