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We created this career exploration and planning program to provide self-exploration presentations and workshops to get youth thinking about their future and higher education opportunities. Throughout their life-long journey, youth would understand how to build upon their skills and adapt to ever-evolving society.


We created this platform as an outlet for youth and professionals alike. They benefit from the opportunity to add a publication to their resume and build upon their portfolios while gaining experience working with an existing company is valuable.


We created this platform to serve as an outlet for youth to use their artistic expressions to engage and connect with the community and their peers. Art is a great way to channel emotions and improve social-emotional wellness. Plus, creativity is sought after by today’s employers.


We created this service to assist youth in embracing the journey of self-actualization. Identifying an individual’s gift(s) matters. Discovering and learning about a variety of tools is half the battle.

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We connect with parents, teachers, and institutions to implement programs that guide K-12 students on their journey to realize their full potential through various dynamic educational and art-related programming.

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