Your local nonprofit organization is a collective of amazing individuals ready to serve you!

Our Scholooza program is a youth education and enhancement program that focuses on career, social-emotional wellness, and workforce readiness. Watch our video to learn more!

School Communities and Neighborhood organizations

  • Request services for your entire school district, school, or a teacher
  • Identify grade level(s) served (K-12)
  • Schedule presentations or workshops
  • Choose from virtual, in-person, or pre-recorded options
  • Select in-school time or out-of-school time


Learn about yourself

Examine your strengths and weaknesses, learn about your personality traits, and receive tips on self-awareness.

Select an industry

Learn about different types of certifications, industry potential, specializations, techniques, and much more.

Discover potential paths

Create a step-by-step guide that will enable you to analyze and prepare for your chosen career path or employment.

Learn the basics

Join in on weekly virtual sessions consisting of hands-on project(s), pre- and post-assessments, case studies, notes, and visuals, as well as gain access to class archives.