Help us plant more seeds and inspire a new generation of leaders.

Because of your past contributions, iN Education was able to engage, motivate and stimulate youth and community at large through its programs and services since 2006. We are thrilled to have your continued support!

Career Training

Project: Career awareness, exploration and planing program providing youth with the measurable skills and supplemental resources needed to succeed in school, aspired career fields, and in life.

Why? Additional expertise furthers students with the necessary skills on building their resume/portfolio, introducing them to community professionals. Our goal is to continue providing hands-on opportunities to further  industry skills of those we serve.

Who benefits? K-12 youth of the Northeast Ohio corridor with primary focus on the Summit and Cuyahoga County.

Why donate? Our goal is to raise funds to serve at least thirty students per year at no cost to them or their families.

Support us through volunteering and corporate matching gifts

The Arts

Project: Year-round action-packed art program that showcases the hard work and dedication of visual and performing artists. With professional-level expertise, rising artists are able to add to their portfolio, improve self-esteem, and strengthen their hard and soft skills through a series of program art activities.

Why? The program is designed to engage and connect diverse communities through ongoing art activities and discussions. 

Who benefits? K-12 youth of the Northeast Ohio corridor with primary focus on the Summit and Cuyahoga County.

Why donate? Raised funds will be used towards providing ongoing art activities, workshops, and other program related expenses.

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E-Magazine and Blog

Project: Inside the margins of our free online magazine OR on our online blog, readers can enjoy themed articles and the following featured content: Education Around the World – Series, Featured Stories, Why? – Series, and Youth Section.  

Why? Our goal is to continue production of our general education e-publication Zealousness into the future while rewarding those who work on the project.

Who benefits? Over 3,500 subscribers of the Zealousness  and our production team.

Why donate? Donations will be used towards three main areas: Technology, Administrative team, and Creative volunteer team incentives.

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