Feature Story- Chiara Koonce

Artwork created by Chiara Koonce.

Chiara Koonce, a young artist, is everything that an artist must be. She is creative, sensitive, impulsive and has a vision in mind. Having her heart set on art right from the very beginning, she paints pictures that are pleasing not only to the eyes, but also to one’s mind. She makes it look like the colors in her paintings are dancing and personifies anything she lays her artistic eyes on, making it look so beautiful and real.

Chiara Koncee
Image courtesy of Chiara K.

As she said, she discovered her passion for art when she realized that she naturally gravitated towards it, depicting it to be a talent she is born with. The skill in her of observing and noticing every tiny detail makes her incorporate it into her paintings which helps in making her work even more rewarding, which is why she believes her art can bring about an impact to the world by adding abundance of beauty to it and giving people a feel of sensitivity towards everything she draws with every minute detail.

Having taken art classes since a very young age, she continues to get better at her love for art and bringing it to life. When she was just ten years old, her teacher gave an insight to her mom and told her that she pictured Chiara performing well in the art career. It was wonderful that her parents and teachers realized her talent early in life and supported her by providing her with all the necessary guidance needed for her to grow and become the amazing artist she is now. With all the support she got, she believes she does have a career in arts because of how well she understands it and uses her hands and mind perfectly to create beautiful pieces of art.

Artwork by Chiara Koncee
Image courtesy of Chiara K.

The most outstanding achievement for Chiara was winning a silver medal for a self-portrait she had drawn using black-and-white colored pencils on grey-toned paper and entered the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Her favorite part about being an artist is when she takes a step back from her work after hours of creating it, and sees all the pieces coming together that finally talk for themselves for having created a masterpiece.

Her paintings are all very inspiring with every little detail adding so much beauty. By her skill she is not only inspiring others to learn self-expression, but also encouraging them to pick up a brush and paint their feelings and emotions into a beautiful painting. She aims for the thought and goal of making this world a more alluring place where everyone follows the style of colors and channelizes their energy right.

Artwork by Chiara Koncee
Image courtesy of Chiara K.

This young artist has one thing to say to all the budding artists, which is that they should not compare themselves to other artists to the point where they stop creating. Anything they draw should be the best that they can draw because everyone is born with a different skill set, and they must learn to accept and appreciate it because that will make them believe in themselves. They should also always be ready to learn new things as being teachable is what will help them gain more understanding of how well they can use their creativity.



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