Carol Allen’s ‘Artistry Forever’

The sense of achievement you get when the goodness of your passion instills a ray of hope in everyone who gets to see it, and the level of satisfaction of bringing about some awareness through the medium of a skill that you are extremely talented at doing is the way Carol Allen has been living her passion of art.  Artistry Forever, Carol’s brand of artwork, has been the voice of her thoughts. Some of her paintings either impart a kind message or try to showcase something which is not acceptable as it should be. Almost all of her artworks impart hope for a better tomorrow.


The birth of Carol Allen’s ‘Artistry Forever’


Carol AllenCarol worked in the healthcare industry for most of her career until the pandemic struck. Even during such a hard time, she was able to see the silver lining and devote herself fully to her passion. And she did that exceptionally well. Creativity in the arts has always been her driving force. Without attending an official art school, Carol excelled at creating artworks for Artistry Forever only by watching instructional art videos online.

Drawing was not new to Carol as she had been drawing since the age of twelve. Back then, she would enter drawing contests in cartoon and teen magazines.

Everyone has something which makes them feel alive, and to Carol, drawing and painting did just that. Even today, she loves to draw and paint so much that she gets lost in her art sometimes. The indulgence makes her forget about the many stresses of this world.

Common themes in Carol Allen’s art


Not only is Carol absolutely talented in creating works of art, but she is also very compassionate. Her lens of compassion is often reflected in her paintings. One such painting is ‘The Hope Rope.’ This painting is an artistic view of the pain and suffering caused by the coronavirus pandemic and America’s climb out of it into a better place. Even in a situation like the pandemic, Carol still managed to give a ray of hope to everyone through her painting.

Most of Carol’s paintings are done in acrylic. This was, however, her very first oil painting. The recently completed project turned out very well and is one of her pride and joys.

You can find ‘The Hope Ray’ on her website here –

Hope Rope by Carol Allen

Many of Carol’s art pieces feature women of color because she feels they are not represented enough in art form. Acceptance of the way that someone is born is very important to give them the respect that they deserve – this came to her when she was growing up, as she never saw paintings of women of color, and felt that neither attention nor admiration was given to them. This made her passionate about helping to paint as many women of color as possible in her lifetime.


Artwork by Carol Allen

Making the world a better place through Artistry Forever


Carol wants to spread love and make people aware of the things in society that are not given as much attention as they should be given. Art through the Artistry Forever brand is often meant to leave a legacy about certain causes or issues in society. Carol dreams of making this world a better place to love and live by spreading peace and happiness through her paintings. And any amount of positivity is much needed in this uncertain world.

So kudos to Carol for being an inspiration to all the young artists out there, for teaching them that painting is also a superpower, and showing them that they can all be superheroes in their own way!

Pretty Peach, Summer Lily by Carol Allen

More about Carol Allen’s brand ‘Artistry Forever’ on her official website –

Artistry Forever on Instagram –

Geo Galleries –



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