From the Journal of Maris Walter – Dorm Room Beautification Project

Beach Sunset Painting by Walter Maris

The inspiration behind this new series of paintings came from a lifelong attachment with Cape Cod, MA. My family and I have vacationed there nearly every year of my life, and I’ve grown to really appreciate the natural beauty, seafood, and art of outer Cape Cod. I painted some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken there to bring some of the specialness Cape Cod holds for me along to my dorm room this fall at Kent State University. I chose unique locations and used a mostly realistic but slightly gestural style to highlight these places with bright, eye-catching colors.


Beach Sunset Painting


I photographed this sunset on a beach in Wellfleet, MA. Cape Cod has some gorgeous natural beauty, especially with its many extraordinary beaches. I tried to capture this beauty through the textures in the plants and sand in contrast with the blended-out sunset. This painting will always bring back the memory of a last-minute sprint to reach the beach before the sun dipped below the horizon.

Beach Sunset of Cape Cod, MA by Walter Maris
Beach Sunset of Cape Cod, MA by Walter Maris

Provincetown Buildings Painting


Provincetown Buildings collage by Maris Walter
Provincetown Buildings collage by Maris Walter

On the tip of Cape Cod, there is a unique, fun, and artsy town called Provincetown.

Lining the main street are old, crooked buildings, many of which are painted with bright colors or even graffitied upon, as depicted in my painting. I decided to capture the uniqueness of this quirky town by taking my time to emphasize the minute details. I also took my time in mixing my paint colors to truly represent the wide color palette that can be found up and down the streets.


Garden Painting


Although not a tourist destination, these gardens in Provincetown showcase just a tiny fraction of the stunning flowers and trees that Cape Cod residents take great care to maintain. I amplified the color palette of the photo to better catch the viewer’s eye since this is one of many hidden gems along Provincetown’s special streets. I also took care to include the proper shadows and highlights since I photographed this shot in the midst of a quiet morning jaunt to obtain coffee.

Garden Scene Cape Cod by Maris Walter
Garden Scene at Cape Cod by Maris Walter


Boat on the Pier Painting

I found this boat docked at MacMillan Pier, a long pier that stretches far into a bay and houses boat after boat. Since I was old enough to walk, I’ve enjoyed strolling along this pier and appreciating the sparking blue water, an element I enthusiastically and delicately included.

Although I’ve spent limited time on boats at Cape Cod, I love the ocean and the marine aesthetic and decided to creatively capture it through this magnificent boat and its gorgeous natural surroundings.

Boat on the Pier at Cape Cod, MA by Maris Walter
Boat on the Pier at Cape Cod, MA by Maris Walter



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