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The issues of diversity and equity are extremely important to incorporate in education systems all over the United States. Since the pandemic started, inequities have been increasingly shown and the push for diversity and equity has risen. For example, in New York State, the Board of Regents has come up with a plan to progress these issues in all New York State schools. To get this started, the New York School board designed a framework with steps to make the change in schools throughout the state. As a part of the framework, all schools have to create policies to follow in regards to diversity and equity. The policies designed would be applied to all parts of the students’ school experience, in areas such as teaching, family and community, and support for each student.

Diversity and equity are incredibly important in New York City Schools. New York City is one of the largest school systems in the country and a diverse area with many different cultures. With this being true, Equity and Excellence For All is a statement that New York City Public Schools truly believes in, and the Department of Education strives to make sure that this happens.

Since New York City is well known for diversity, the Department of Education has a strong passion for expressing diversity in the way education is carried out in their schools.

The way that students learn and succeed in school is through a place where all students are included and supported. This isn’t an easy thing to incorporate and will take time, but New York City continues to work and takes action in order for this to happen.

A specific example is Eleanor Roosevelt High School on the Upper East side of Manhattan.  A great way that they do this is through the clubs offered. Clubs such as Asian Culture, Black African Student Union, Multicultural, and Gender and Sexuality Alliance, in addition to others, are available for students to join. They are taking steps to make change in their schools to support all students who attend. Besides activities and clubs, the school has an advisory program that works to support each student in academics. Each student is allowed the chance to talk to an advisor about their goals and how they are doing performance wise in school, in addition to other issues going on in the community.

The topic of diversity and equity is a big one nowadays and it is essential to address in schools. Many people may not be comfortable with talking about and working on creating this type of environment, but it’s important that it’s done for the best needs of the students- not just in New York City schools, but in schools everywhere.



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