Letter from the Editor – Issue 20

Dear Readers,

DeAndre Nixon, Editor in Chief

There may be a feeling or thought that organizations are the culprits of wasteful practices such as water preservation and other environmental issues. Some may think it is individuals and their household. In fact, we must be mindful and considerate at all levels. Knowing what we can do as individuals and what corporations can do to preserve our most precious asset (water) is and will require a worldwide joint effort on all fronts.

I have a better appreciation for the work (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District @NEORSD and others) of water treatment plants, sewer systems and those who work to provide us with all the things each and every one of us needs to sustain a healthy life… the fuel all our bodies need… clean water. If you close your eyes, then think of a time when you enjoyed a nice, beautiful day in the sun, remember how it felt to take a nice big sip of ice-cold water… how does it feel to ingest it?  Or the hot summer days where the only way to cool down was to jump into that beautiful clean lake and have tons of fun with your friends. Do not take for granted the systems we have in place in order to provide this nourishing treat.

Issue 20 cover design by Lilly LaFemina

Our motto at iN Education is “Your journey, your impact, our future.” Always remember that water sustains us all into the future. Each and every one of us needs water throughout our journey. We need water to nourish our bodies. We need water to impact others. Water is needed and will always be required into the future of mankind. Water is just beneficial in many ways. So, keep drinking water, preserving it, and understanding its importance.

With that in mind, from our healthy environment conscious Zealousness team, you will find articles that uncover water stewardship: “What Organizations are Doing Now,” and “What Can I Do to Help Save Water?” We also include a piece on “Climate Change Today.” You will also enjoy science articles and more throughout.

Within each Zealousness issue, we present several engaging ideas. Once again, we encourage an open mind as you explore your inner self and other interests. We hope you enjoy the articles and find those pearls of wisdom to help you achieve your personal learning goals.

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