A Childhood Passion for Drawing

Tell us briefly about yourself. Have you identified any “special” powers or gifts you possess?


Artmaking is not just a physical process but a deeply spiritual one as well. My name is Jay Rajput, and I am 18 years old. Drawing has been my passion since childhood. I always used to prefer taking art-related classes in school because I love doing different kinds of art and sketches, such as doodles and abstract art drawings. And I believe art has the ability to inspire and transform us, whether it’s through painting, drawing, or sculpture. And I’m excited to share my passion for art with you through this blog.


Zen Doodle Art by Jay Rajput
Zen Doodle Art by Jay Rajput
When did you discover your artistic passion?


I have been drawing since childhood. And there were so many teachers in school, including an art teacher who loved my art & sketches. So, since then, I loved doing art as a passion.

What art forms interest you the most?


I really love making doodles and abstract art drawings. I always enjoy doing something with my hands. So I really like art and sketches.

Eye Art by Jay Rajput
Eye Art by Jay Rajput
What are some of the themes or topics that you like to feature in your art?


As an Artist, I have specific themes or topics that I like to explore. Some common themes include nature, identity, social issues, emotions, and spirituality.

What are your future goals within the arts?


I want to explore myself more, and I want to be recognized for my talents/abilities to make art that convey a particular message or emotion to our society.

How do you see your art impacting your community or world?


I think my school teachers and relatives like what I do. And they are satisfied with my work. So, I believe that my art has the ability to enhance the visual appeal of the world by making it a more vibrant and stimulating place.

Are you passionate about any cause?


I am passionate about my work and always welcome new projects as they present fresh challenges for me to tackle. With each new project, I strive for perfection and take pride in producing high-quality results.

Tell us briefly about your most recent art project.


My latest artwork is “Zentangle Art.” I drew inspiration for this piece from my own personality. Whenever I work on my Zentangle Art, I always make sure to have music playing in the background – it helps me to forget about my problems and fully immerse myself in the creative process.

Zentangle Art by Jay Rajput
Zentangle Art by Jay Rajput


Have you presented your art form(s) formerly?


Yes, I’ve participated in many school competitions and won many prizes, such as Best Art Designer.


What artist inspired you, if any?


I’m inspired by a lot of other designers, but drawing has been my passion since childhood. It’s something that gives me pleasure. So, I am constantly challenged to push my own boundaries and create something unique and beautiful that reflects my personal style.


Do you have any role models?


While I find inspiration from other artists, I always strive to develop my own distinct style and create works that are uniquely my own.


Tell us briefly about your most outstanding achievement.


For me, the greatest achievement is maintaining a positive attitude and persevering through the challenges that arise in the pursuit of my artistic goals. Despite the inevitable ups and downs, I remain dedicated to honing my skills and pushing myself to new heights.

Abstract Art by Jay Rajput
Abstract Art by Jay Rajput




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