How to Develop a Reading Habit in Children: Tips and Tricks

Reading is an important life skill that can shape a child’s future. It lays the foundation for a successful future. Reading enhances language skills, boosts creativity, and expands horizons.


However, building a reading habit in children can be difficult for caregivers and parents. Because of the increasing demand for instant satisfaction from technology, many children need help to cultivate the habit of reading. They also need to appreciate the benefits of reading.

This blog will explore some practical tips and tricks that can assist parents and guardians in developing reading habits in children. Suppose you have a young child just learning to read or an older child working hard to build a reading habit. In that case, this article will offer you practical advice and strategies that you can use to promote a love for reading in your child.


What are Reading Habits?


Reading habits refer to a well-planned and regular pattern of study that has achieved consistency on the part of learners towards deriving pleasure, gaining information, or personal growth.

Reading habits involve consciously setting aside time for reading and engaging with written materials regularly.

The advantages of building a reading habit include enhanced vocabulary, critical thinking skills, creativity, and overall cognitive development.


Abstract concept of colorful swirls coming out of the open book.
Abstract concept of colorful swirls coming out of the open book. Illustration by Anna Leon.


Tips and Tricks to Build a reading habit in Children


#1. Be Attentive


Please pay attention to what is happening in your child’s life and add new books to help them tackle their recent problems. If they have issues with their friends, get them some picture books related to friendship. If they struggle with confidence issues, get them self-esteem books to help them learn to love their unique traits.

If they are giving up too quickly, read them some growth mindset books for kids, and see how your children will see the beauty and essence of adopting a growth mindset.


#2. Inspire Them to Read


Inspiring your children to read is a way of encouraging them to cultivate a reading habit. It is an effective way to help them develop a love for learning, improve their knowledge, and boost their language skills.

You can inspire them by making reading an enjoyable activity. You can read inspirational quotes for kids to encourage and motivate their interest. You can reward them for reading a book in exchange for a small prize.


#3. Make Reading a Social Activity For Your Kids


Encourage your child to join a book club or reading group. Joining a book club can be an incredible way for kids to meet new friends who share their love of reading. They can talk about their favorite books and share suggestions. Reading aloud is a great way to make reading a social activity.

Take turns reading audibly with your kids, or let them read to you. This can also be a fun way to spend time together and encourage their love of reading. Choose books that are age-appropriate and engaging for your child. Look for books with brilliant colors, fascinating illustrations, and entertaining stories.


#4. Model good reading habits


Let your child see you reading. Kids learn by observing their parents’ actions. Ensure you read in front of them regularly. Let your children see you reading, whether it’s a book, newspaper, or journal.

If they see you enjoying reading, they are more likely to develop a love of reading themselves. Too much screen time can be harmful to reading habits. Motivate your children to read physical books instead of spending all their free time on electronic devices.

a child walking through bookshelves with lots of books, holding a tall stack of books
A child is walking through bookshelves with lots of books, holding a tall stack of books. Illustration by Anna Leon.



Developing a reading habit in children is a gradual process that needs patience, tolerance, and persistence. It is also crucial for their overall development and can have long-lasting advantages. Reading enhances children’s academic performance and fosters their imagination, creativity, and empathy, making them well-rounded individuals.

By integrating these tips and tricks into your child’s routine, you can make reading a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for them. So, let’s make reading a part of our children’s daily habits and watch them grow into avid readers who can explore the world of knowledge.





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