Six Fun Summertime Activities Guaranteed to Keep Your Elementary-Aged Child Learning Through the Summer.

Summer is here! Just because the children are on break doesn’t mean that the learning needs to stop. As parents and caregivers, it can be tedious trying to find activities that are both fun and educational for children. That’s why we have made a list of six fun activities that you and your child can try this summer that won’t send education to the backseat. Whether your child likes to run around outside or spend time in the kitchen with you, there is something for everyone on this list!

In rain or shine, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to keep your elementary-aged child engaged throughout the summer season.

  1. Astronomy—Constellation Hunting

There are eighty-eight recognized constellations in the night sky. Depending on where you live, different constellations will be visible on different days. Every day is a new chance to find one! Make a checklist of all eighty-eight officially recognized constellations and see how many you can find throughout the summer. Toward the end of the summer, you can have your child draw pictures of the constellations they found over the past few months as a keepsake. 


2. Math—Score Keeping


We all know that sports are great for children. They nurture team building, healthy competition, and physical health. While playing basketball, baseball, volleyball, or any other sport this summer, grab a pen and paper for your child to keep score. They will practice addition and/or subtraction while also benefiting from the activity they are playing. This can also double as a lesson in learning a sport your child has never played before. The fun never stops!


3. Critical Thinking—Board Games


There are so many board games that can be fun and educational. Scrabble is an excellent example of a game that will challenge your child to come up with words and spell them correctly. Some other games that test your child’s brainpower are Pictionary, Guess Who, Connect Four, and even Tic-Tac-Toe!

 a group of young kids playing board games
A group of young kids playing board games. Image: Adobe Express AI

4. Science—Baking a Dessert


Have you ever heard the phrase “baking is a science?” That’s because it is! Whether you want to bake a cake from a box recipe or something from scratch there is a science to it. At the end of the activity, your child can see how the ingredients react together to create a delicious dessert! Make it a weekly affair and add recipes from other countries to teach them about cultures outside of your own. 


5. Language Arts—Summer Reading Challenge


Reading books in the summer is a great activity that promotes cognitive development, language skills, and more. Challenge your child to read one book per week throughout the summer. By the time they are back in class, that gives them the opportunity to have read over ten new stories! You can stop by your local library to find fresh new books as well as treasured favorites.  


6. Physical Education—Hiking


Hiking with family can be a fantastic activity that promotes both physical and mental health. Exploring nature doesn’t just have to be in a park. You can take your child exploring in your own backyard, a playground, a zoo, or a garden. Point out the different birds, plants, and animals you see while on the walk. Bring along some books or online guides about nature near you to encourage learning along the way.


A colorful illustration comprises multiple square/rectangular icons representing various educational elements.
A colorful illustration comprises multiple square/rectangular icons representing various educational elements. Illustration by Madeline Kreller.

7. Bonus—Flashcards


Throughout the school year, children study a variety of topics, from math to history. Choose a few topics each week and make flashcards to keep them fresh in their mind throughout the summer. You can also print already-made, free flashcards online. Push your child to complete more each week with prizes like ice cream or a family movie night! 

Summer break doesn’t mean that education stops. Make the most of summer by providing your child with a stimulating environment that pushes them to attempt new things. Trying one or more of these activities can help foster a love of learning while allowing you to spend time with your child. Whether they bake a delicious pie, play a sport, or go on a nature walk, they are sure to continue their educational journey into the summer months.



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