How to make Fraction easy for elementary students?

How To Make Fraction Easy For Elementary Students?


The fundamental concept of elementary classes includes fractions. The fraction is defined as the part of the whole. To represent something apart from the whole, for example. Cut the pizza into four equal pieces; then, write each piece as 1/4. To solve such a fraction or even a complex one, the fraction calculator online is one the easiest ways to find the solution to a fraction of any kind, whether simple or complex. It can solve proper, improper, or mixed fractions in nature. Without learning the concept of fractions, we can not work out the basics of mathematics. Fraction is so important to learn as it is useful in the concept of derivation and integration as the power rule of fractions.


The Procedure Of Conversion Fractions


To solve the mixed fraction, it is first converted to proper fractions, and then the same rule of fraction solving is applied. A mixed fraction is a representation of a whole number that is multiplied by a fraction. For elementary classes, the kids find fractions difficult to solve so that they can use an adding fraction calculator. With an online fraction calculator, they can learn step-by-step solutions to a question. The whole procedure is shown step by step.

Adding all four parts 1/4 will make a single pizza as


A fraction calculator online can be used to distinguish the three types of fractions:


Illustration of a simple calculator.
Illustration of a simple calculator. Image: Adobe Stock

The Proper Fraction


A proper fraction has a numerator that is less than the denominator. Examples of such fractions are 3/5, 3/7, 5/22, and so on. We can use online fraction calculators to add or perform arithmetic operations on fractions.


The Improper Fraction


An improper fraction is a fraction in which the denominator is smaller than the numerator. Such as 5/3, 4/3, 77/5 etc

For adding and subtracting proper fractions:

For adding and subtracting the proper fraction, make their denominator equal and follow the procedure.

Consider two fractions:

4/5 and 3/7, we want to make the denominator equal:



⇒ 3/7*(5/5)=15/35


If you do not want to do manual calculations, do it with fraction calculations. It automatically gives you an answer and shows step-by-step calculations. Multiplication and division of a fraction are a bit difficult, so we can use the dividing fraction calculator to find the division of the fractions.


The improper fractions


When the numerator is larger than the denominator, a fraction is said to be improper. A fraction having an equal numerator and denominator is also called an improper one. Examples are

6/3, 5/2, 3/2, 7/6,9/1,5/5, 6/6,….

For adding and subtracting improper fractions:

First, make the denominator equal and solve them further

Take two fractions ⅜ and 2/12; we want to make the denominator equal:



⇒ 2/12*(2/2)=4/24



The answer is 3/24. Equalizing denominators becomes easy using a subtracting fraction calculator. The online tool is a helpful way to find the solution to our mathematical queries. Elementary class students will find the answer to the question and also step-by-step solutions, which help enhance their understanding of mathematics. Making denominators equal to each other to find fractions using online fraction calculators.




Fractions can not be ignored while learning mathematics. Learning derivation and integration without knowing the power rule of fractions would be difficult. The fraction calculator online is one of the simplest ways to solve fractions of any type, whether proper, improper, or mixed. The mixed fractions are first turned into appropriate fractions, then the fraction rules are applied. A whole number is multiplied by a fraction in the mixed fraction.



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