The Power of Transformation: Yoga Beyond the Poses with Shelley and YO

For Shelley and YO, yoga is more than just rolling out a mat – it is a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. The energetic husband and wife team is a vibrant teaching duo who transcend the conventional realm of yoga instructors, offering a unique blend of uplifting practices, and their own story is one of resilience, love, and perseverance of moving positively through life’s challenges. 


Teaching Around Town


Eschewing a traditional brick-and-mortar studio, Shelley and YO teach around town at colleges, wineries, outdoor venues, and indoor spaces such as the Richland Mall in Ontario, and Snap Fitness and Brethren Care Wellness Facility, both in Ashland. Their diverse teaching approach enables them to work with athletic teams while also leading chair yoga and sessions for seniors. Their unique Story Time Yoga is especially for children but can be adapted for students of all ages. They work with Parkinson’s patients and stroke support groups and continuously create environments that make students of all levels feel welcomed and safe. 

Yoga with Shelley & YO.
Courtesy of Yoga with Shelley & YO.

More Than Just the Pose


Come to one of their classes and you’ll find a unique and uplifting energy with a good dose of humor and genuine connection. There’s no pressure to look the part nor perfect the pose, but rather to celebrate the present moment, be yourself, and come together in a warm, inclusive environment. “People are so worried about what to wear to a yoga class, they are concerned about their weight or ability, and just plain nervous to go,” Shelley laments. “We just want them to toss those worries aside, to feel the love, and to leave the class feeling better than when they arrived.” Alternatives to traditional postures are always on the table to ensure that everyone can practice at their own level. Shelley and YO cultivate community, and their individual strengths shine: Shelley dives into intention setting and breath work, journaling, and stretching, while YO brings his expertise in strength training, motivation, and personal transformation, inviting students to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” 


Transforming Students One by One


“We know the value of yoga, and how it is so much more than the perfect pose,” says Shelley, who finds deep satisfaction in witnessing the profound impact of yoga on her students’ lives. “I love seeing people shine and be able to accomplish what they never thought possible!” she adds. YO thrives on building familial connections within the community. As a husband and wife team, they offer a combined energy that singular teachers simply cannot, feeding off of each other’s style. “We offer high energy and enthusiasm, spirited by our life experience and our faith.”

Yoga with Shelley & YO.
Courtesy of Yoga with Shelley & YO.

Where the Journey Began


Both Shelley and YO found their yoga beginnings during a time of change and challenge. Shelley’s husband passed away, and life was filled with rolling emotions and unwanted shifts. “I enrolled [in my yoga certification] with a hope of finding peace…and to learn more about what each pose represented,” Shelley recalls. “I found so much healing [and wanted to offer] that same healing pathway to others.” Before she even met YO, their paths continuously crossed at the Ashland YMCA where their respective daughters (Shelley has three and YO has two) spent time. YO was dedicated to his church, a single dad raising his girls, and simultaneously taking care of his mother, father, and brother. It took many friends, serendipitous meetings, and years before the pair finally connected. “I said yes to my 200-hour teacher training, yes to life, and yes to love,” Shelley recalls. She now has over 1000 hours of teaching experience and over 500 hours of teacher training, including a master trainer certification, and both she and YO are certified through Yoga Faith. The two married on Christmas Eve and continue sharing their love and yoga with everyone they meet.


Shelley and YO offer a journey of self-discovery and well-being and continue to inspire and transform lives, both on and off the mat. In addition to classes, they are introducing an online 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (everyone can choose their start date) to help others make a difference and inspire personal growth. Come join them on your own path of healing, one breath at a time.




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