Loneliness – A Blessing in disguise

Colorful illustration of a sad-looking person seating along. Words loneliness and lonely appear in the background.

I will get bored alone. I don’t want to go alone. What will I do alone? We often speak and hear these phrases in our lives. Many people dread being alone and even get depressed. But isn’t it weird how someone could not enjoy their own company? Or is it that they are just afraid to face their self, their fears, their pain, their shadow side? These are some of the questions that we are going to discuss in this article today.

Loneliness is basically being lonely because of the absence of friends, family, or a partner. Or even sometimes people have relationships and friendships, but still they feel very lonely because they think that nobody understands them, or they don’t have like-minded people around them.

But loneliness can sometimes be a good thing to help us understand ourselves and our lives better. We can have a broader perspective about our situations and circumstances by taking a step back for a while.

Below are the five major reasons why loneliness is necessary at times.

Retrospection time


Sometimes you will have time with your own self. Being alone with your thoughts and emotions and asking why you are feeling what you are feeling could be a great way to introspect and get answers that you need. You could understand your own thought process, as you are the only one who has lived every second of your life. Nobody in the world can guide you better than your own inner voice. You could just take some time off, or if your life situation has made you lonely for the time being, then do some introspection with your own self to get solutions to your life’s situations.

A person, hand showing only, is drawing on the creativity board.
Adobe Stock: Woman coloring a creativity board

Fuel creativity


Sometimes you really need to be alone, just by yourself, to get the most creative ideas. Many artists also say that being in isolation fuels their creativity and then various ideas pop up. You get time by yourself without any external distraction which leads to a great focus on whatever you are working on.

Healthy relationships with other people


A person who can enjoy being alone, who is comfortable being with himself and doesn’t “need” other people to make him happy is the most dangerous human being, because this person is not chasing his happiness in other people. When you can reach this stage in which you are happy and joyful by just being the way you are, alone or with people, and not chasing happiness outside yourself, you are at the most blissful and peaceful place in life. When a person can be comfortable being alone, he or she becomes the most magnetic person, as this person emanates a different type of energy altogether. This person has healthy boundaries now which will only attract people with the same frequency as them. 

A stronger and better person


When you stop being afraid of being alone, you will unlock a different level of freedom. When you have healthy boundaries and you have a mindset that you are not going to tolerate toxic people in your life, your life eventually gets a lot better. You stop being dependent on other people and take the ownership of your life in your own hands. Then you definitely become a stronger and a much better person after going through this phase.

Colorful illustration of a sad-looking person seating along. Words loneliness and lonely appear in the background.
Colorful illustration of a sad-looking person seating along. Word “lonely” appear in the background. Illustration by Masha Pankratieva.

Universe/God trying to connect with you


There is a quote that says

“God isolates you so you can get yourself together. It may seem like you lost friendships and relationships, but a better you is worth more.”

Sometimes you need to be lonely for the purpose of enlightenment. The purpose here is for you to shed your old layers of conditioning, purge all the pain, heal yourself and become a new you who is actually who you are naturally, but who was affected by societal norms and conditioning.


Humans are designed to be social, but we have to accept that being alone at times is not bad—whether it’s by choice or not. It can be very painful to be lonely. There is no doubt about that. But that’s where the game of perception prevails. You have to look at the situation in a different way and try to find what it is trying to teach you.

 I hope after reading these points you will not consider loneliness a very bad thing. It will definitely teach you self-love and self-appreciation, make you understand yourself better and make you a very strong human being. Pain and suffering through any means leads to a great transformation in a person. So, transmute pain into love. Spend healthy time in your own company, as it is the best time you will spend with the best company you can ever have.😉


Note: This is an opinion piece.



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