VAN Masha – A lifelong passion for drawing

Tangled Thoughts by VAN Masha. Illustration of an Asian-looking woman with long black hair

Tell us briefly about yourself. Have you identified any “special” powers or gifts you possess?

My name is Maria, or just Masha (I like it better that way). I am 30 years old and my whole life has been about drawing. All my relatives on my mother’s side were good at drawing. Maybe some of the talent has been passed on. But as you know, only 10% is talent and the rest is practice. I’ve been drawing since childhood. In high school I wondered who I wanted to be and what I was good at. The only thing I liked at that time was illustrating books. But unfortunately, at all the universities in our small city, there was no faculty of Illustration. There was only graphic design, so I became a graphic designer. After graduation, I worked in different printing and advertising agencies. But I was always looking for something I wanted to do, and the most important thing for me was to enjoy my work. So, circumstances, or the stars, brought me back to what I wished to do as a schoolgirl. One day I got a call, and I was asked to draw an illustration. (Illustration titled Unification for Intalence Art)

Unification for Intalence Art by VAN Masha

My dad always says that I have a talent. I think I have a talent for drawing, and I like to surround myself with everything beautiful.

When did you discover your artistic passion?

My mother was the one who noticed my talent, and she sent me to the art school after I had drawn on the wall with her lipstick. There were good teachers who loved what they did and helped me see the world in a slightly different way.


What art forms interest you the most?

I like fine art, mostly graphics. I always enjoy doing something with my hands, so I really like arts and crafts.


What are some of the themes or topics that you like to feature in your art?

I like drawing animals, birds, and insects. My father instilled this love in me – he’s a veterinarian. My mood affects the style and the meaning of my illustrations. It is more difficult to deal with customers’ projects. But I always stick to the rule: “Do more than you are expected to do”. I’ve read that in a great book called Burn Your Portfolio by Michael Janda.

The Horse by VAN Masha

What are your future goals within the arts?

I want to deal more with illustrations, book and magazine design. I consider book and magazine page design to be my future.


How do you see your art impacting your community or world?

If my customers like what I do and they are satisfied with my design, I definitely feel that I affect the world by making it more visually appealing.

The Cat by VAN Masha

Are you passionate about any cause?

My work is my passion. I enjoy working with new projects. A new project is a new challenge for me, and I try to make it perfect.


Tell us briefly about your most recent art project.

The last thing I drew was the illustration “The Benefits of Music“. In fact, the inspiration came from within. While working I always turn on music (I can’t do without it), forget about all my problems, and dive into the world of illustration.


Have you presented your art form(s) formerly?

As a graphic designer, I’ve taken part in many competitions and won many prizes. As an illustrator I’ve been participating in contests since 2019.


What artist inspired you, if any?

This is a difficult question to answer. The only thing I can say is that I’m inspired by a lot of other designers’ and illustrators’ projects. I draw inspiration from their style; however, I always try to create something unique and wonderful.

Chihuahua for Intalence Art by VAN Masha

Do you have any role models?

There are artists who inspire me, but I’m looking for my own unique style.


Tell us briefly about your most outstanding achievement.

The greatest achievement for me is not to fall into despair and to move forward. I’ve had many ups and downs, but I always remain optimistic. I have a strong will to develop my skills further.

I Set Myseif GOAL by VAN Masha
An illustration of Tangled Thoughts by VAN Masha



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