It’s Not Just A Game – Video Game Designer Is A Real Profession

Video games are visually interactive games played through electronic devices. They are interactive scenarios. Video games are simulations of what we would want to do to feel satisfied and they give us a sense of achievement. The term video game has developed throughout the decades from a simply specialized definition to explaining interactive digital entertainment in detail. Creating and developing video games is the way toward building up a computer game. It is done by a developer and it could include efforts from a solitary individual to many people involved in designing a video game. With the increase in usage of electronic devices, many people are playing a lot more video games and that too frequently. It thus has increased the need to have a variety of video games catering to people in every age group.

Video game design is the way toward planning the substance and rules of video games in the pre-creation stage and structuring the game-play, condition, storyline, and characters in the creation organize. The planner of a game is especially similar to the executive of a film; he is the visionary of the game and controls the masterful and specialized components of the game in satisfaction of his vision. Video game structure requires aesthetic and specialized capability just as composing skills. As the business has matured and grasped elective creation approaches, the job of a chief game creator has started to become independent and unique, a few studios accentuating the auteur model while others underlining a more group situated model. Inside the video game industry, video game planning is also known as game design. And, as games have turned out to be increasingly intricate and the electronic devices and consoles have turned out to be all the more remarkable, the activity of the video game designer has become discrete from the programmer. The expectation of people leads to developing more complex games and that is why the profession, video game design, is in vogue.

Video game design begins with an idea and a whole concept to potentially be in one or many categories. Designers frequently try different things with blending classifications. The game designer, as a rule, creates an underlying game proposition archive containing the idea, game-play, highlight rundown, target crowd, game plot, prerequisites, schedules, and spending gauges. Numerous choices are made over the span of the creation of a video game about the game’s design; it is the duty of the designer to choose which components will be executed, in light of, for instance, consistency with the game’s vision, spending plan or equipment limitations. Design changes may have a huge positive or negative effect on the required resources. The designer may utilize scripting dialects to actualize and review design thoughts without essentially altering the game’s codebase. To follow the ways the game can improve, the game designer regularly plays the video games. It is basic for the game designer’s name to misleadingly be given an undue measure of relationship to the game, dismissing the remainder of the advancement team.

A maze in the shape of a hand holding a mouse.
A maze in the shape of a hand holding a mouse. Illustration by Haimeng Ge.

Aforementioned, the game designer is behind the scenes for the whole concept of developing a game. However, a lot of the game designers start their careers in the back-end and in various areas of game development offering other roles to understand the mistakes by others, how the process works and knowledge usage, etc. A lead designer brings the different designers into an efficient work relationship and is the main person behind any game design. The lead designer guarantees group correspondence, settles on enormous design choices, and presents the game concept and design outside the group. Often the lead designer is actually imaginatively astute. Keeping top-notch documentation additionally falls inside the lead designer’s responsibilities. The lead designer might be the originator of a game advancement organization or an advanced representative. Game mechanics designer or frameworks designer designs and equalizes the game’s rules. A level designer or condition designer is a position getting noticeable in the ongoing years. A level designer is an individual liable for making game conditions, levels, and missions.

Video game designing should be considered as a real profession and it is great to be a video-game designer because you will enjoy what you do. I mean, who does not enjoy playing video games, being involved in actually designing and creating a video game and flexing your creativity for everyone to enjoy the game is satisfying and attractive. Despite the fact that one shouldn’t choose a career for money, it’s as yet a pleasant reward in case you’re paid well, and video game designers are paid very well. There are also quite a lot of career options in the field of video game designing. From larger to smaller companies catering to developing video games for quite a few electronic devices offer all kinds of roles in this field. Any career should be chosen if one is passionate about it and a lot of people are passionate about video games. So, video game designing would mean working with people as passionate as you and that is what adds fun and frolic to this career which is important because designing any game would take a lot of time and effort, long hours and strict deadlines but it is surely very rewarding, and it is a satisfying career option.


Originally published in the Zealousness e-magazine (issue 16) in 2020. Reviewed in 2023.  

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